The foundation of our success relies on finding the best sites, in the best locations. Green Leaves approved sites must meet our selection criteria via an extensive blueprint, incorporating site location and demographic analysis for childcare coupled with a vigorous financial modelling system which underpins this.

Securing a site in one of Sydneys most iconic buildings Chifley Tower, led to the opportunity for Green Leaves to develop a world-class childcare facility. This flagship location showcases our ability to acquire and develop challenging sites and sets a new innovative benchmark for Australian CBD childcare centres.


Maximising the development potential of each site is critical. Our builds are created with years of consolidated experience to ensure functionality, longevity of all structural components and outstanding design elements. This helps to maintain building value while providing the perfect childcare environment.

Our design team has over 20 years’ experience in premium childcare developments. Clever modular design elements and the use of innovative building materials and construction techniques, allow us to significantly cut overall construction times, increase facility durability and speed to market.

Our designs evolve to reflect the highest industry standards in technology, childcare licence compliance and green sustainable building practices. This unique environmentally friendly approach recognises the important role we have in guiding and teaching children how to protect and honour our natural world for future generations.

"Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives."

Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth


Australia has the highest degree of industry regulation in comparison to anywhere else in the world. Our centres operate in accordance with these strict regulations and we take our role in creating safe, happy and nurturing learning environments for our children very seriously. Investing in the very latest educational programming and technologies provides a major advantage in attracting highly qualified childcare personnel for our centres.

Our national operations group are a team of industry experts who are on hand to support each centre from marketing to the pre-enrolment stage, through to the opening and ongoing management of daily centre operations.

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